Bay Cottage Early Childhood Centre

The Redlands is where we have grown up, this is our community that we are passionate about and love. We sat down a couple of weeks ago in sadness with everything happening around us and all we wanted to do was help the community we love the most. So over the past few weeks we have been working around the clock to bring the essentials to those who are in need and also cannot or do not want to tackle the shops. We are dedicated to keep our prices as low as absolute possible but not cut the quality. We are only working with our locally family owned businesses in sourcing our products as we believe we are all in this together.

We are offering amazing packs of ;
– fruit and veg
– Small meat packs
– Large meat packs
And now a only chicken pack

We are coming up with a few more options for everyone’s sizes families and budgets.

We are also offering free delivery!!!!!

We would like to thank every kind word we have recently received and to everyone who has been supporting us through this tough time.

We love all you guys and cannot thank everyone enough…….